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What Type Are You?

Type is integral to telling your brand story, articulating its identity and leaving a lasting impression in your audience’s mind. So ask yourself - ‘what kind of impression do i want to leave?’ Forget scrolling the myriad of fonts available - in this post we’ve pulled out the key typefaces; the font foundations you might call them, and looked at what voice they have when speaking your brand into life.
Ash Smith

Making the most of Digital Transformation

Without looking at the overall holistic impact of digital on a business including impact to culture, internal processes and staff; when it comes to digital adoption, we risk swapping one shiny thing for another shiny thing. Brands can’t truly transform without understanding what their brand goals are.
Brent Lupton

What Colour is Your Brand?

While we may often take colour for granted, keeping it in our peripherals in favour of catchy slogans and evocative shapes within our logos; when it comes to brands, colour can be the first flicker of an emotional response, and the lasting memory that lingers in your mind's eye for years to come.
Ash Smith

You've Gotta Be Joking - How To Use Humour In Your Branding

What does it take to use humour wisely as a brand? We took a look at some of the acts that took to the stage and had the audience in fits of laughter, as well as those that had their audience in fits of rage.
Ash Smith

What is a Brand Proposition?

Over the next few months, JSA will cover the basics of brand building, from must-have essentials like logos to the development of strategic brand propositions. But before we can run, we must walk… ready? Let’s take our first steps together by answering the question what is a brand proposition?
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