In todays fast paced world of constant change people don’t have time for complexity…we keep things simple

There’s a particular theory we’re fervent believers in at JSAcreative: that the simplest answer is usually the right one.

Better known by beardy philosophy students as Occam’s razor it’s based on the notion that simplicity equals perfection. The simpler the solution – and the less steps taken to get there – the better. It’s the premise on which humanity has based its investigations into our world since time began. From Aristotle to Einstein, great minds have returned time and again to the principle of simplification in order to enrich our understanding, create efficiencies and oil the wheels of progress.

Surprising, then, that so few businesses today make use of this tried and tested rule of thumb when communicating with their clients and customers. In a world where there’s so much being said, to so many people, via an ever-evolving cacophony of channels and mediums, it stands to reason that those who simplify their message and method are the ones most likely to succeed. Today’s connected, in control audience has neither the time or inclination to decode ill-conceived communications or tolerate disjointed experiences. Make it hard and you’ll lose them. Make it simple and they’ll keep coming back.

“ Complex things are easy to do.

Simplicity that’s the real challenge.”

It’s because of this that simplification is ingrained in everything we do.

You might even call it our company mantra. It shapes our approach to problem-solving, brings focus to our creative and ensures we deliver uncomplicated experiences for the end customer. It even filters down to how we communicate with our clients. We shoot from the hip and we don’t do jargon – you won’t find us hiding behind techie speak or wasting your time spouting meaningless marketing buzzwords. We believe in delivering absolute clarity, every step of the way.

No doubt there are those who might misinterpret our approach and mistake ‘simple’ for ‘easy’or equate complexity with sophistication. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. As the writer Robert James Waller once put it: “Complex things are easy to do. Simplicity: that’s the real challenge.”


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