The Business End of Drupal 8

Drupal has been a CMS since 2001, offering companies big and small a powerful backend to build high performance websites.

The latest incarnation, Drupal 8, offers a host of potential benefits for business owners, from mid-tier to enterprise level and we’ve explored these benefits below.

Save time

The developer experience within Drupal 8 features significant improvements on Drupal 7, many of which are designed to get time on your side. While you’re learning how to use the program, Drupal’s support materials will no doubt come in handy, and building your website will be an easier process with the flexible new platform.

Furthermore, usability testing has dramatically improved the authoring experience, allowing content managers and editors to edit pages quickly and easily. The writing/editing user interface has also been simplified, allowing for quick editing, previews, and spellcheck in the browser, helping you build efficiently and with lowered risk.

Finally, when it comes to an investment for the future, Drupal 8 offers unprecedented staying power, rendering rebuilding unnecessary. The upgrade paths provided by Drupal are all you need to update modules on your website, taking the pain out of ‘growing pains’.

Save money

Nothing turns a good idea into an impossible dream like expensive costs, but if you’re willing to invest, site developers believe Drupal 8’s internal improvements including ease of use, mobile improvements, as well as the backing of a global community will reduce the cost of website ownership in the long-term. Furthermore, all newly released features are free for downloading and installing meaning less money wasted on updates, upgrades, and integration. In fact, other platforms, services and technology will integrate with no trouble at all, making for considerable long-term savings.

Win the performance/investment exchange

Users can expect to see the value of their investment reflected in the site longevity, performance, and appeal. Life expectancy is one of Drupal 8’s calling cards, offering at least a decade of healthy web life, a significant advance on previous versions of the platform. Performance-wise, Drupal 8 can handle many more requests than its CMS competitors, boasting a rate of 230 requests per second. This much traffic would set most CMS’s back, but Drupal’s smart cache systems allow it to run on lower hardware specs than ever before. Drupal 8 has the capacity to run faster and deliver a more modern website than its predecessors, making for the ultimate user experience. Combine all of that with the visual appeal achievable in Drupal 8, and you’re a winner.

Make your online presence versatile and accessible

All aspects of Drupal8’s performance are impressive, but one of the other major factors setting it apart is its accessibility to customers. With 24/7 operation, multilingual capabilities, and cross-system integration with other Drupal products as well as email and analytics, and even innovative solutions for blind people, Drupal 8 is truly accessible. The platform boasts impeccable mobile optimisation thanks to a highly responsive administration interface, an extremely important factor considering a significant portion of global web-based traffic now comes through mobile devices. A mobile friendly website is no longer an advantage but a basic expectation for businesses, especially those hoping for encouraged purchase behaviour.

Keep everything secure

Drupal 8 offers such strong security that it’s typically the chosen platform for big businesses like banks and governments whose information is highly important and private. If you have anything in your systems you’d rather not see hacked, it might be worth considering an upgrade for your business. The platform is also eligible for official security support, making it the best choice for site’s containing private data.

Exercise autonomy and grow your own way

If you like having full control over all elements of your website, Drupal 8 is for you. Since you maintain ownership of everything, you control changes, upgrades, and data, meaning you have the power to adapt your website according to your world, business or stakeholders. One of Drupal’s biggest strengths is the ease of change it affords its users – you can start small and adapt your site as your business grows, adding whichever modules you find appropriate.

Drupal is built to accommodate a business climate of rapid change and results, so if you need your website to move as fast as your business, it’s worth checking out. Talk to us about a Drupal8 site build today.