Card counting: making your business card design matter

Great business card design is a huge opportunity to create a lasting impression. Done in the right way, the card exchange might become one of your most fruitful business encounters, but with so many people playing the same game, it’s worthwhile creating a card with a strong identity to help you stand out.

Anyone can choose a business card design, but not everyone manages to colour it with class, so here are a few surefire ways to make your first impression worth much more than the card it’s printed on.

Use the good stuff

If you’re going to pay for a pocketful of business cards, you might as well chip in a few extra dollars for proper card and make your first impression last – or at the very least, survive the trip home in a crowded wallet. Handing over a bent business card is like wearing a stained shirt to a job interview: a great way to make a less-than-great first impression.

Show yourself off

Create a business card design that showcases what you do, whether it be through a single line that sums up what your business is about, or an illustration that captures the essence of your work. Present yourself in every aspect of the card, from the colours to the font.

Keep it clean

A crowded business card will suppress your main selling point amongst the clutter, whether it be a great image or a line of copy that sums up your business. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary additions; make sure it does the job it sets out to do by highlighting the most important information.

Get social

Business cards should evolve with the times, and if you want to be remembered, your online presence is crucial. A good social media profile can showcase more about you and your business than a single card, so include links to your business social media and show potential customers what your business is really about. Incorporate a common theme or colour scheme between both your business card and your social media profile aesthetic for extra wins.

Make it memorable

The world is full of collateral, and people need a reason not to toss your business card into the bin when they get home, so give them more than a throwaway. Consider what you can offer people in a few square centimetres that will keep your business front-of-mind, whether it’s a great quote, a beautiful design, or a discount offer. There’s nothing quite like the promise of a free first consultation to make that first touchpoint happen.

Always carry a handful of cards with you

The opportunity to use them often comes in small windows, and if you miss the moment, you miss out. If you are a fan of networking events, or even if you just love having something of your own design in your wallet, you won’t want to be without them.

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