Design trends to be aware of in 2018

First impressions count. Especially in our industry where, amongst the clutter of modern lives, we have seconds to show that a brand is relevant, has their finger on the pulse and is in the know.

So as the summer fades, make sure you are aware of the top design trends to help you to stay ‘hot’ all year long.

Colour that jumps off the page

We may be done with 2017, but one thing we’re keeping from last year is the bold use of colours. While the idea of jarring tones and fluorescents may send a shiver up management’s spine, it might be time to experiment with new combinations to show your brand’s unique personality.

In contrast to the minimalist movement, consider coupling colour with strong imagery. Look to toy between using white space and clean layouts, with vibrant colour combinations and varied styles of type. Even better, why not try gradients?

3D graphics

Over the past year or so we have seen a lot of flat illustration go out the door. From infographics and icons to videos and branding. We then saw the introduction of isometric style graphics and this year we’re continuing the momentum by moving towards full blown 3D design. Whilst offering depth and volume, its greatest strength lies in providing a new and immersive experience for the viewer.



Duo tones

Traditionally this involved a halftone printing process that saw one halftone layered on top of another. Thanks to the progress of technology, we now use imaging software to create duotones as well as monotones, tritones, quadtones and more.

Graduating from print mediums alone, duotones have found a welcome home in digital media, with screens heightening sharp contrasting colours and making them impossible to overlook. What does it look like? Check out Spotify, who have used duotone images in their app and advertising collateral.

The advantages of this treatment is that it enables images that have limited colour and quality to be revitalised. It also allows us to inject brand colours into full page photography. Overall, in the full colour world we live in, it’s a striking way to make images pop.



Responsive logos

While not exactly a new trend, responsive design across digital platforms is still as relevant as ever and is something that can help propel brands and businesses to greater heights of engagement.

If you are unfamiliar with responsive design, the name connotes the need to design and develop ways to make assets adapt to a variety of devices and screen sizes. If responsive design is not adhered to, it’s highly likely that your designs will not appear the way that you intended across the board, and as such, it has become industry standard to create responsive designs.

In an increasingly mobile dominated world, responsive design cannot be ignored, and as a result, we have already seen a large number of major global brands altering, and simplifying logos to ensure that they are compatible wherever they may need to appear.



Return of the serif font: featuring bold typography

Don’t just leave boldness to colours this year. When it comes to typography the bigger and bolder the better.

Expect to see extra-large fonts and grand headlines in 2018. We’ve grown accustomed to a relatively sans serif dominated digital space, and while they will continue to be used extensively throughout 2018, you can expect to see serif fonts elbowing their way back onto screens.

In the past, efforts to maintain consistency across print and digital saw designers avoid serif fonts as they didn’t appear well on computer screens. However with improvements to screens and a growing acceptance of serif fonts, we can expect to see these fonts start to make big waves in the digital space. For added effect, use serif fonts in conjunction with sans serif fonts to create a contrast that heightens the personality and impact of both typefaces.
Even better, own your font by creating customised versions.

Wrapping up

Overall, we’re done with the conventional and moving into bold and risky territory. If you want your designs to be in good hands for the year ahead, get in touch with us today!