The weekly roundup (26th Jan – Feb 2nd)

From stepping into a Pepsi advertisement to stepping into the shoes of a human Uber, Robot newsreaders and the blockchain’s potential to save up to $80 billion a year for the financial industry, it’s all a part of the week just gone, and we’re here to bring you up to speed. Read on for our weekly round up.

Bank-based Blockchain Projects are Going to Transform the Financial Services Industry

Blockchain Data Network
With settlement issues between banks costing the financial industry $65 to $80 billion a year, can blockchain be the saviour? Read more. 

‘In one fell swoop:’ 75 Percent of Advertisers Say They’ve Been Endangered By Risky Content

risky content
Content can make a brand great – but it can also deal a blow for advertisers placing material alongside it if the content is risky or downright distasteful. So how do you get around the content conundrum? Read more. 

Robot Gets Gig As Newscaster For Japanese Television Show

Robot newscaster
We get our news from a range of different sources these days, from print, to television and digital platforms. But now, for lucky viewers in Japan – they’ll be hearing the news from the mouth of an AI. Read more. 

Pepsi Is Turning 2 Iconic Super Bowl Ads Into Virtual Reality Experiences

pepsi virtual reality advertisements
It looks like Pepsi is trying to bounce back from their Kendall Jenner advertising flop last year with a new VR experience as part of their advertising efforts for the Super Bowl. Would you want to step inside these ads? Read more.

All the 2018 Super Bowl Ads Released So Far

Super Bowl Ads 2018
Whether or not you follow the hype of the Super Bowl in the land down under, you won’t want to miss out on the amazing ads that feature along with it. Here are the ones that have been released so far. Read more. 

Japanese Scientist Unveils “Human Uber” at MIT Conference

Human Uber
When you need a ride home after a night out, Uber is the go to these days. But what do you do if you can’t make it out in the first place? Well now there’s a rather dystopian solution for that. Read more.

How Adobe Is Using Photoshop to Restore Family Pictures Damaged by Hurricane Harvey

Redesigning damaged photos with photoshop
When Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas last year, it didn’t just destroy homes, it threatened to erase precious family photos. Fortunately, some highly skilled students and volunteers showed that design skills can help bring treasured memories back from the brink. Read more. 

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