Ahead of the games success

With the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games upon us, it’s become apparent that it’s not just athletes that will be achieving success, with local businesses and industries, as well as sporting and community groups expected to make great strides.

This success that is expected to extend beyond the games itself has been captured in a Pre Games Report, which has been delivered digitally through the launch of ‘Ahead of the Games’.

Providing visitors with access to the Pre Games Report, as well as a number of key statistics and event updates, the site will be instrumental in building excitement among key stakeholders in the Gold Coast Region.

With a strong focus on visual appeal and user experience, the site serves to deliver the richness of the full report in an easily accessible format, a result which our head of Digital, Brent Lupton, is proud of.

“The lead up to the games are an exciting one and the Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games have identified many reasons why. Through implementing a strong design focus that utilises animation as well, we have been able to build upon the report’s strong foundation.’

“We have highlighted the key information from the wealth of content provided in order to attract interest and excitement in the lead up to the games.”

In addition to the new website, JSA’s design team were responsible for bringing greater visual appeal to the printed report, aligning it with the vibrancy of the pre-game lead up.

To learn more about the findings of the report and to hear the latest updates and insights about the games, visit Ahead Of The Games.