Our latest Drupal build: Oxley Creek Transformation

JSA’s digital team have added another notch to their belt in the Drupal and Acquia space, rolling out its latest Drupal build recently for the Oxley Creek Transformation Project, an initiative of the Brisbane City Council and the Oxley Creek Transformation Pty Ltd.

The site will draw attention to Council’s commitment of $100M in the next 20 years to transform a 15 kilometre corridor along Oxley Creek from Brisbane River to Larapinta into a world class green corridor and leisure landmark.

JSA’s head of digital, Brent Lupton is excited by the prospect of having the team’s latest Drupal build play a role in the project’s public profile for many years to come.

“We anticipate that this site will be viewed not only by residents alongside the Oxley Creek Corridor but landowners, businesses, developers, and investors as well as community and environmental groups as well.”

“It’s an honour to have our digital work play a supporting role alongside this fantastic project.”

With a wide variety of audiences turning to the site as the primary channel for insight into the high profile project, security was of paramount importance according to Brent.

“Building with Drupal’s enterprise level security offering gives us great confidence that the integrity of the project and the strong reputation of the Brisbane City Council will be safeguarded for the lifetime of the project and beyond.”

In addition to the site build, JSA has been responsible for driving the creative process, providing a branding style guide canvassing web fonts for headings and body text, colour palette, imagery style and content tone.

“Our design team put a great deal of thought and consideration behind the branding on the site, ensuring that a strong environmental emphasis carried through all elements. We are very happy with the end result.”

To get a greater appreciation of the Oxley Creek Transformation, visit their website.

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