The weekly roundup (6th April – 13th April)

Writing like a musician (handwriting only - no lyrical genius unfortunately), content gold, cryptocurrency influencers, wearables that could save you from a hefty fine, and the ability to quickly identify between a schnauzer and a shih tzu - it’s all a part of the week just gone, and we’re here to catch you up. Read on for our weekly round up.

How to align brands with the codes of culture

How To Align Brands With The Codes Of Culture

We are lucky to be living in an era when cultural sensitivity is becoming more and more recognised – and it’s something that brands need to keep the pace with. Read more.

How Headspace struck content gold with soothing animations, voiced by its co-founder

headspace animations
When it comes to taking control of our thoughts – it’s clear that a lot of thought went into the content that is driving the new, highly popular Headspace app. Read more.

Influencer marketing has hit cryptoworld

Influencer marketing for cryptocurrency

Calvin Klein, Adidas and a ludicrous amount of alcohol brands have cashed in on the power of influencer marketing, but now there’s coin in promoting digital coins. Read more.

The handwritings of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie and John Lennon are now downloadable fonts

Celebrity Handwriting Font Image

Want to step into the shoes of some of pop culture’s biggest icons? Well now you can write in their handwriting. Read more.

How artificial intelligence will take over the supermarket produce aisles

Image of man refusing drink

Most people end up with a bad tattoo after a big night of drinking – but this is one tattoo you’ll want to have before a couple of drinks. Read more.

How artificial intelligence will take over the supermarket produce aisles

Cute white robot in a grocery store

If we continue to put the hard work in towards AI algorithms, we’re sure to reap a harvest – in this case, quite literally. Read more.

Google Lens can identify dog and cat breeds

Google Lens Identify Dog and Cat Breeds

Could this be the most important breakthrough of our times? Probably not – but if you are a dog or cat lover, this news is sure to make your day. Read more.

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