We got a new website

If you’re reading this, you’ve made your way to our new and freshly designed website and we’re glad to have you here. If you’re familiar with us, you likely visited our old site and have now come across a newly renovated space - so why the facelift?

Maybe it’s our eternal need to create and design or maybe it’s the fact that getting closer to thirty has brought on a mid life crisis fueled by a desire for rejuvenation.

To answer these questions and hopefully any others you might have regarding the update, we caught up with three members of our team who were integral in bringing the new site into reality; JSAcreative’s Head of Digital, Brent Lupton; Executive Creative Director, John Lenneberg; and Front End Developer, Jordan Gardiner.

Wasting no time, we tackled the big questions…

Why the update?

When the shoe no longer fits, you have to go bigger. We’ve done a lot of growing over the years, adding more services particularly in the digital space, and as such, we needed a website that reflected these new services particularly in regards to user experience design as well as search engine optimisation, and we feel that the new site nails both of these criteria. We also feel that the new look and feel doesn’t just keep with the times, but stays ahead of them, bringing something new and exciting to the table.

How would you describe the creative direction?

Call us picky, or perfectionists, but the creative direction for the new site was underpinned by a series of iterative changes, strong collaboration from the team and healthy dose of reviewing and revising.

Walking a tightrope between being highly tech driven and design oriented, the result in terms of look and feel is a site that captures one of our core brand pillars – simplicity. But while it may look simple, it’s skirts the danger zone of being ‘plain’ with elements that, are in the words of our Creative Director, ‘a little bit different’, “It’s a sleek website. It’s corporate (which reflects a lot of the work we do), but it’s got an edge to it as well – we wanted to stand out.”

One such element that stands out the most, and has caught the eye of many of our clients since launch is the new ‘blob’ on the homepage – so just what exactly does it mean?

What is our take on the ‘blob’ in a nutshell?

At JSA we know that first impressions count, and that’s exactly where the blob comes in according to our Head of Digital, “The blob is a big part of the site, it’s the first thing that hits you as you enter the site. It’s a great representation of who we are – multilayered and multifaceted. It also captures how we are nimble and agile.”

If you haven’t already pulled and played with the blob already, we guarantee you’ll want to give it a go now. And that’s exactly who we are as an agency – we know that things aren’t always set in stone, we stay flexible. When things pull in a new direction, we follow suit. In addition, the different coloured bands also represent the many layers to our service offering, with our 4 brand pillars – ‘brand builders’, ‘agile’, ‘thirsty collective’ and ‘simplicity’, nested in the core of everything we do.

What about the tech behind the site?

Looks can be deceptive – while visually the site may appear minimalist, the tech behind it is anything but, something that we take great pride in. Without giving away too much of the magic, front end developer Jordan Gardiner praised the use of a series of SVG’s to make the blob scalable while retaining its resolution on all viewports, “it works great on mobile – it uses a minimal amount of javascript and doesn’t pull in a whole heap of libraries of code that aren’t necessary.”

It’s this approach to strip out the fat that reflects who we are as an agency, with Brent explaining, “while it looks great, it doesn’t affect the performance of the site through unnecessary code.” We always tell our clients that we don’t want bulky, overladen sites that don’t run well, so we’ve practiced what we’ve preached in our approach to the new site. And we’ve done it in more ways than one.

How does the creative direction speak to the JSA brand?

The site has been described as slick – but you won’t ever catch us calling ourselves that. What we are is creative, agile, and grounded and that’s exactly how we want our clients to see us. In the words of Brent, ‘we’re simplistic in our engagement with our clients, everything is grounded. We work on an even playing field – we’re grounded. When we talk ‘slick’, we’re talking about outcomes and production values.” It’s this dedication to quality that John aptly called our ‘obsession’. It’s the dedication to the details that we have for our clients that’s reflected in the site, “we’ve spent months on getting it right, and we are still continuously fine tuning and improving…we always tell our clients in the digital space that you should be iterative. The launch of a website is the start of the journey, not the end of one – and that’s a mantra that we will live and breath as we continue to build on this site.”

What do we want site visitors to think about JSA after seeing the site?

Ultimately, our site is an extension of who we are as an agency and we won’t lie, we want you to like us. In the words of John, “If it was a person, you’d like that person – it’s fun, it’s playful and still very professional. If it was a person, we’d hope it was someone you’d want to know and hang with.” It’s this emphasis on personality that Brent echoed, “For me – it’s three things: professional – not just in our engagement but in our outcomes as well; approachable, and agile.”

Like what you see? Now that we’ve gone in depth about ourselves and our new site – we want to let you introduce yourself. If you’re interested in building your brand in the digital or design space, we are ready to give you as much attention as we would give ourselves, if not more, so get in touch today.