The challenge

To bring Brisbane residents along on this journey, Brisbane City Council needed to drive awareness and transparency about the 8 principles and the actions that would result from these. They needed to reach a broad audience across a number of touchpoints, and approached JSAcreative to devise a creative campaign that utilised both online and offline channels.

In addition to driving awareness to the 8 principles as a whole, they sought to have a creative campaign that put individual principles in the spotlight, showing the positive future outcomes that would result from planned actions.

Our solution

JSA delivered an integrated campaign that utilized modern outdoor media and digital, emphasizing the impact of the varying iterations of creative for each.

Across the campaign, we developed and launched into market video, billboards, bus backs, adshels, brochures, mailers and social videos that used hero photography illustraiting the positive outcomes of the proposed actions.

The result was a unified, exciting look into the 8 guiding principles and 40 actions that Brisbane City Council proposed to sustain the growth of the city, keeping Brisbane a friendly and liveable place for future generations.

Our outcome

At the time of writing, this campaign is currently in market and the response from Brisbane City Council has been very positive. As the campaign’s creative has engaged Brisbane residents, we are confident that the campaign has left them with an optimistic view on Brisbane City Council’s roadmap to the future.

Results that make you stand out for all the right reasons


Audience reach 48,206

Reach 148,336

Great brand awareness achieved

246,981 impressions

Above average effectiveness