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The challenge

CCIQ (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland) were looking to create visibility around how politicians respond towards matters concerning small business, ultimately creating transparency and keeping them accountable.

CCIQ recognised that it was difficult to communicate how local members across Queensland behaved in regards to the interests of small businesses. They had the data, but this was in no way accessible or easily consumable for the general public.

Our Solution

Our concept was to use the data to create a dynamic digital platform that would keep a ‘score’ on the politicians.

We designed and developed to profile Government members and their position towards small business.

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Every politician had a ‘support for small business’ score; a percentage taken from CCIQs data which included:

Voting history (how many times they voted for or against small business in parliament)
Responsiveness (if they respond to CCIQs official correspondences on small business issues)
Business Survey (average satisfaction score from small businesses within MPs electorate)

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From a design perspective, we crafted a confident and intuitive interface, incorporating a fully mobile responsive design that balances a sense of corporate authority with a highly accessible user experience.

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The Outcome

The website underwent an initial soft launch amongst a number of politicians to drive awareness, and the response was highly positive. Additionally, the site has given greater visibility to CCIQ’s advocacy for small business, ultimately making it a great promotional tool for the work that they do.