The challenge

LOGIQC are an Australian Software as a Service provider specialising in risk management. Before engaging JSAcreative, LOGIQC were having difficulty articulating their sales proposition, moreover, users didn’t have the ability to get an accurate gauge of price. As a brand, they required a defined strategy that dictated a direction for specific visual and verbal elements. Additionally, they needed a responsive website that was on par with the intelligence and innovation of the software they were selling.

logiqc website screenshots

Our Solution

In order to build a solid foundation for a refined brand identity, we conducted a full brand audit and discovery workshop which included phone interviews with existing customers. This allowed us to get a firm grasp of LOGIQC’s brand essence canvassing their purpose, attributes and personality.

With this insight, we developed an informational video that used smart and engaging animation to help customers better understand the product without jargon. This desire to translate the software’s qualities in a more consumable way was further bolstered by website design and development that put a greater focus on clear, targeted, and SEO friendly content. Additionally, the implementation of a streamlined price builder allowed prospective clients to gain a better understanding of the value LOGIQC provided to businesses from a systems and process standpoint.

We also sought to put LOGIQC in front of the right audience with a clear message. We did this through sharp, eye catching print advertising and collateral that utilised the new brand messaging as well as look and feel; driving potential leads to a newly branded trade show stand.

logiqc branded material examples

The outcome

Since site launch in mid 2016, LOGIQC has seen positive engagement from site visitors, with the streamlined price builder playing a major role in building interest in their service offering. This was confirmed by an expansion of their database of prospective clients.

Both the print advertising campaign and trade show stand proved successful in driving lead generation with site traffic spiking on dates surrounding marketing activities and trade events.