The Challenge

Metro South Health sought to spread the word on the steps involved to avoid the flu, creating behavioural change that went beyond seeking a flu shot alone. They also needed to speak to those who had already picked up the sickness and what the best options were to seek health care, including seeing your GP, visiting a pharmacy and speaking to 13 Health.

Storyboard sketches for the Metro South Health Flu Prevention Video

Our Solution

While the topic of the flu season is enough to make most people’s skin crawl, we wanted to create something memorable and interesting that resonated with audiences, and ultimately drive message cut through.

Paying homage to the in-flight safety messages of the 60s, we created a bright, retro, illustration driven campaign that included two 30” videos to guide the public on the journey through the sick season in an uplifting and optimistic way.

The first video was centred around staying home when sick. We took stock of the typical in-flight safety video tropes, using a voice over edited to sound as though it were coming through a flight intercom, welcoming the viewer on board ‘healthy airways’. We also paid attention to include the same language, asking the viewer to consider their circumstances before ‘departing’ their home, and to ‘switch on’ electronic devices such as their tv, and doing online shopping instead of heading to the mall. Finally, in the event of ‘worsening conditions’ viewers were directed to see their GP or call 13 Health.

The second video centred around the message of prevention, and again used in flight safety tropes. We used the same voice over to direct viewers to follow the steps on the safety card including coughing into their elbows, throwing tissues in the bin and washing hands for 15 seconds. Finally, a flu vaccination is recommended as the best method for ‘protecting yourself and your fellow passengers’. The inclusion of upbeat lounge music in the background of both videos added to the effect that it was an in-flight safety message.

Metro South Health Flu Prevention Posters

Both videos were rolled out online via social media, and were accompanied by other collateral in the campaign which utilised the same messaging, look and feel. This included a static social post as well as a ‘stay home’ and ‘prevention’ poster which each saw a nurse used in place of a flight attendant holding up a safety instruction card for ways to prevent the spread of the flu.

The outcome

The campaign received strong traction online with both videos seeing great engagement. The stay home when you’re sick video alone received over 58,000 views in the first three months online. Metro South Health were excited with the look and feel and reported optimism about the flu season internally.