The Challenge

The Queensland Department of Education needed to generate awareness for the importance and implications of the first 1,000 days among parents and caregivers.

To ensure every child is provided with the best opportunity to thrive throughout their life, they needed to communicate a set of key messages that would inform and inspire parents and carers to take action:

  • Children feel secure and loved in warm caring relationships
  • Children thrive in positive, safe and healthy environments
  • Children are learning everywhere, every day
  • Children’s sense of belonging is built through strong connections to family, culture and community
  • Children and families thrive when communities and services are supportive and meet their needs

Knowing that new parents are already taking in a great deal of information during pregnancy and soon after birth, the messaging needed to be delivered in a way that would appeal to parents without making them feel overwhelmed with information.

Sketchbook Images of How Children Grow Well Illustrations


The best way to touch the mind is through the heart.

We developed a heart warming, bite-sized animation to communicate these key messages, using illustrations designed in-house.

The illustrations feature a range of native Australian animals and locations to soften the messaging and connect to Australian parents and caregivers.

Using watercolours for the illustrations, the animation has a classic children’s story book feel, creating a sense of nostalgia that connects parents to their own childhood and the importance of those formative years.

The animation was created for digital channels and drives viewers to find out more information on the Queensland Government’s Early Childhood Education and Care website.