The challenge

Following a merger that resulted in NFP drug intervention organisation ‘Drug ARM’ becoming ‘Healthy Options Australia’ (HOA), internal and external understanding of their services suffered. We were engaged to help create key messaging to help bring clarity, but it quickly became evident that a rebrand was required, one that acknowledged their work in training, mental health and drug intervention.

Our Solution

The Brand

Reverting back to ‘Drug ARM’ required an investigation and rearticulation of their values as an organisation – as they had grown their service offering and audiences.

To reflect their values, services and audiences, we provided a refreshed brand that stepped outside their corporate feel.

We brought attention to what ‘ARM’ stood for – Awareness, Rehabilitation and Management, featuring this heavily in print and digital.


We developed a new logo, using a ‘D’ element with the word mark within to evoke feelings of safety and clear boundaries.

Angular lines, patterns and layers feature in the design as ‘life lines’ to suggest journeys and the roll on effects these journeys can have on others.

We developed a revised colour palette that was as diverse as their audience, bringing flexibility and customisation to applications that included more corporate colours for government, as well as brighter colours for families and children when featured in signage and collateral at fundraising events.

Drug ARM Grid creative mockups


We combined four different sites within the Drug ARM brand into one website by identifying key personas and ensuring that valuable information was clear and easily navigable for all users.

We simplified and streamlined user journeys, reducing clicks and using bright CTAs for information like ‘get help’ and ‘make a donation’ that appear in direct sight in the navigation.

The Outcome

The internal response from Drug ARM has been highly positive.

Our work across brand, design and digital created a powerful and flexible storytelling brand platform; one that connects narratives and comes to life in every channel from brochures to bus sides to websites and more.