The Challenge

While Eway was highly established in their category, the market was expanding with other payment gateway providers who were more contemporary in the way they looked and spoke to their audiences. This extended across the full breadth of their brand assets, both online and offline.

The old Eway website wasn’t reflecting the brand’s progressive future-thinking ethos. Additionally, it was content heavy with a complex IA that did not align with its brand purpose of providing ‘effortless online payments’.

The Solution

We started with strategic workshops that uncovered a key point of difference for Eway. Their company was inherently human and approachable; an invaluable, collaborative partner with a user-centric approach that offers real support to their clients. We captured this sentiment in a revised brand tagline: ‘effortless online payments’.

We used this as a driver for the new brand, from a wordmark that uses playful—almost smiling—typography, to their tone of voice across collateral. Retaining their original colour palette for brand recognition with existing customers, we developed a suite of icons as well, including the ‘happy shopper’ icon to highlight the services and experience customers could expect.

We provided Eway with a complete brand style guide that included details about ‘who’ they were including brand story and tone of voice, as well as how they were to appear visually across graphic elements, type and imagery.

With the new brand in place, we rolled this out across a suite of collateral including print, outdoor, and digital channels.

In addition, we designed and developed a user friendly website that sought to streamline their previously complex site architecture, reducing the number of clicks and helping drive leads. This was bolstered by a user interface that infused the new playful and friendly brand look and feel. Additionally, designing an extensive library of components, we worked to present the flow of content in more readable and engaging ways. The multisite website was developed on WordPress, with the same design being rolled out for their six international sites as well.

The Outcome

Internal feedback has been strong. Eway has expressed that they feel more competitive alongside other big companies in the space. Additionally, they feel that the rebrand and website have set a great benchmark for the look and feel of their larger ‘Global Payments’ brand.