The Challenge

In preparation for the launch of their Townsville located retirement living community, Fairfield Grange, Carinity sought our guidance to help position themselves in the market and overcome commonly held negative perceptions about retirement living and aged care.  

In-market research revealed that there was a desire for more upmarket and luxurious options in retirement living, and as such, Carinity wanted to showcase these benefits while still retaining a ‘down-to-earth’ persona.

example of JSA's work as a branding agency - outdoor ad creative for Carinity

Our Solution

We openly spoke to the concerns that older people have about balancing health and lifestyle in retirement, creating messaging that allayed these fears and created reassurance that these concerns would be taken care of at Fairfield Grange. This was done through the tagline ‘Fairfield Grange, Wellbeing. Welldoing.’

While wellbeing is something we all know and understand, we promoted the way Fairfield Grange allows residents to focus on their welldoing – living their life and enjoying the things they love. This idea of welldoing speaks to the kinds of things you can only do when you know your wellbeing is taken care of. It’s actively enjoying retirement, experiencing all the things in life that retirees love like family, friends, and the simple things that bring joy.

The multichannel campaign was rolled out across press, outdoor, adshels, a website, brochures, two TVCs for regional television, and social media. Supporting this campaign material, we created a series of architectural 3D renders of the retirement living community prior to construction being completed.

Addressing the common fear of moving into retirement living, we created a 15” and 30” TVC that used a playful tone to emphasise that life gets better in retirement in a Carinity retirement community.

Both videos share the narrative of a husband and wife who have come to live at Fairfield Grange. While the husband had previously seen retirement living as dull and lonely, his wife reveals that their experience has been anything but. This is done comically, showing the wife doing all the talking while her husband is unable to get a word in, suggesting that despite their new surroundings, some things never change.

The 30” tells this narrative against shots showing activities with other residents, and time spent with family, while the 15” focuses primarily on the luxury villas. Both balance the elegance of Fairfield Grange with warmth and tenderness as well as a down to earth humour that older audiences will resonate with.

screenshots of the carinity website

The Outcome

Following the launch of the campaign, the response was overwhelmingly positive with Carinity enjoying an enhanced brand presence in the retirement community space whilst local brand recall and enquiries to Fairfield Grange have been extremely strong. Furthermore, the attention on their retirement living offering has had a halo effect to Carinity’s aged care as well, with a rise in enquiries for these services. Finally, the idea of ‘Wellbeing. Welldoing’ has been rolled out across the brand, extending statewide to their other retirement communities.