Kids Helpline Website Screen

The Challenge

Kids Helpline has been a beacon of support for Australian kids, teens and young adults since 1991. In the lead up to the 25th anniversary of Kids Helpline, a question of brand relevance was tabled… does the Kids Helpline brand continue to resonate with all of its audience segments? To help answer this question, JSAcreative were approached to help reexamine the Kids Helpline proposition, exploring customer value and perception in order to create a clear brand definition that everybody understood.

Kids Helpline Website Screen Caps

Our Solution

We began by examining the multiple audience types that needed to be reached through a new website build, identifying the barriers that needed to be overcome through correct messaging in order to connect and motivate these unique groups.

The result was a site with an insightful UX approach, splitting tailored content and design between five individual microsites for kids, teens and young adults, parents and carers, corporate, and partnerships, thereby making it easier for each audience to find relevant information quickly. It was crucial for the site to be mobile responsive, to make the transition between viewing the site and picking up the phone to call for help as seamless as possible. Site content included a range of multimedia elements from service related videos to audio content and an inbuilt chat feature that replicated the experience of visiting a counsellor. User experience was also taken into consideration with the inclusion of an innovative online donation mechanism which made made it possible for users to make one off, or regular donations.

Kids Helpline Colour Palette

We sought to connote feelings of happiness and joy through a revised style guide that emphasised a bright colour palette and vibrant graphics that appealed to all audiences. Additional SEO work conducted to optimise the site content around the kinds of questions and requests visitors were likely to be making in order to find a counselling service like Kids Helpline quickly.

Driving awareness for Kids Helpline, we were tasked with developing a sponsored station on popular music streaming service, Pandora, in order to capture a larger share of the youth market. Kids Helpline had already curated a playlist of upbeat songs which we included under a station titled ‘positive vibes’. Ultimately, we were able use music as a medium for creating positive behavioural change. Additionally, we wrote the copy for station call outs and created digital advertisements for mobile and desktop that directed listeners to the Kids Helpline website and phone number.

Kids Helpline Radio Advertising

The Outcome

Since going live, the website has been visited nearly 600,000 times, with mobile and tablet usage accounting for an impressive 40% of all traffic. Our attention to optimising site content for search resulted in a strong organic pull, with 64.93% of traffic arriving through organic search. Both the web counselling and web chat were well received with both getting large numbers of online traffic.