The Starting Point

Having progressively amalgamated with a number of like minded organisations to provide a range of community, well-being and mental health services across regional NSW and Queensland, CareWest were undergoing significant growth that had opened a prime opportunity for a refreshed brand identity. Additionally, with the term ‘care’ no longer fitting the full range of service capabilities available, a new name was needed, one that told the complete narrative of the work being done in regional NSW.

The New Brand

To assist with this transition, CareWest reached out to JSAcreative. Following our initial consultations, we began developing a new brand strategy canvassing the naming process and brand framework including personality and behaviours. From these insights we understood the underlying purpose of the brand – to help customers aspiring to live better lives, and this mission was summed up in the new name, LiveBetter.

Showcasing the Work

The first phase of the rebrand centred upon communicating the changes to internal staff and customers. This was done through the development of a campaign video that outlined brand changes to key stakeholders and staff which was shown during a roadshow across regional NSW.

Having received approval from staff and stakeholders, the second stage involved marketing these changes to the public through a series of press ads, brochures, fact sheets and designs for branded vehicle wraps.

LiveBetter Imagery


In order to launch the new brand, reassuring existing customers and promote new services, we created a totally new website for LiveBetter. It shows how branding, strategy, design and User Interface expertise work together to produce a simple, intuitive experience.

LiveBetter Website Redevelopment

The Outcome

A survey of four major regional towns revealed that, seven months after the brand launch, LiveBetter were perceived as ‘accessible’ and ‘flexible’ by both customers and the general public, ranking first in Top-of-Mind Awareness and first in Total Spontaneous Awareness with 18% of those surveyed showing recall.

Additionally, staff have shown strong approval for the new brand direction and are excited for the change. Furthermore, there has also been a highly positive response from existing customers who are pleased that the brand has been revitalised. The transition has been smooth and is expected to continue to gain traction with the continuation of external marketing.

LiveBetter Website Content
LiveBetter Content Hub Screen Capture