origami designs

The challenge

The key challenge for was to increase applications for new home loans while positioning themselves as the home of smart money through four key proof points: simple, personal, confident and quick.

Loans Origami Lion on Billboard

Our solution

Having previously developed their refreshed brand look and feel, we drew on on this foundation for the origami campaign, emphasising striking visuals and a strong message. We created four key visuals and headlines that emphasised each of the key proof points, using the common feature of banknotes being folded into origami objects including a rocket, a lion, a helpful assistant and a house. Because the craft of origami takes a degree of practice and skill, this was visual shorthand for ‘smart money’, reinforcing their brand message.

Four versions of creative were delivered, each centering on one of the proof points, with these being executed accross an integrated campaign comprising of out-of-home, digital display media, social and their website in the form of billboards, adshels, digital banners (MRECs, leaderboards etc) and animated videos utilising motion graphics on Instagram, Facebook and Airport digital displays.

Finally the origami narrative was translated to a dedicated mobile responsive landing page, strategicly crafted to communicate these four proove points alongside a product poitioning to guide traffic to the point of conversion. origami campaign displayed on different devices

Our outcome

The campaign is currently in market, and over the last few months have recorded an upward shift in brand recognition and perception as a premium home loan brand. Effectiveness is also up, as the campaign’s CTR is tracking at an above average 2.8%. It’s for these reasons that Loans see the origami campaign as their hero branding piece. One that’s successfully positioning Loans to stand out from amongst their competitors.

Additionally, the four strategic proof points of ‘simple’, ‘personal’, ‘confident’ and ‘quick’ have been adopted into the Loans internal culture, being part of their brand philosophy and promoted via internal communications.

Results that make you stand out for all the right reasons

2.8% CTR

Above average effectiveness and engagement


Unmissable OOH creative for Q2

Culture club

Adopted as brand pillars of internal culture