The challenge

Metalcorp’s previous website was considered by its customers and staff to be outdated and below industry standards. With the business’ focus on digital innovation, they desired a refreshed design that was more visually appealing, user friendly, used IP location to provide geo-specific content, and importantly, allowed for an ecommerce style enquiry cart for their range of products.

By engaging JSA for UX, web design and development expertise, Metalcorp sought to improve their online footprint, making the brand more accessible and ultimately turning first time customers into loyal advocates.

The solution

We began by delving into the personas of Metalcorp customers to ensure that the new site offered an enhanced user experience. With this in mind, we prioritised easier navigation, and emphasised imagery over text heavy pages. We also implemented a ‘use my location’ feature which will deliver geographic specific products.

To support the wealth of products available nationwide at time of launch, as well as products to be added in the future, Drupal 8 was the optimal choice of delivery due to its extensibility and flexibility. By building with Drupal we put Metalcorp in a comfortable position for future platform integration such as SAP/ERP, payment gateways, site extensions, and functional enhancements.

The website currently forms part of a larger digital transformation roadmap that will eventually see a move away from an ecommerce style enquiry cart to a full ecommerce model integration with other disparate systems to provide a complete picture of customer data.

The outcome

Launching in early July 2018, the site has been praised by staff and customers, being regarded as a great improvement upon the previous site experience.

With digital innovation being at the forefront of our overall business strategy, we wanted a website that offered seamless user experience as well as scalability, and JSA has delivered on this. 

Ken Khatib

Marketing Manager – Metalcorp