Neto Culture

The Challenge

Neto are an Australian owned e-commerce platform that was acquired by Telstra in early 2015. After experiencing massive growth, they were looking to dominate the domestic market and challenge the position of global players such as Shopify. Traditionally they had focused their messaging on product features, and this had delivered reasonable success. However, their Telstra deal completely changed the landscape. They needed a new approach, one that resonated with audiences, deepened engagement, fostered loyalty and built brand equity. That’s where we stepped in, helping them build their brand from the ground up.

Neto Adshell Exmaple

The solution

A series of client discovery sessions and workshops were undertaken to get under the skin of the organisation and understand the challenge at hand. Market and audience research was also made available by Telstra to give us unique insight into the customer base. A strategic brand proposition was developed for the organisation and crystallised as a brand idea into ‘Dream Makers’. This proposition talks to a deep rooted and long held dream that many of us have – to open our own store. It shifts the conversation away from product features to something much more emotional and powerful and positions Neto as the brand that turns ‘someday’ into ‘today’, ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ and ‘what if’ into ‘why not’.

Neto Print Ads

The proposition has been implemented across the organisation to help shape internal culture and ensure alignment between the brand promise and the brand experience. A set of guiding principles have been created to drive this internally and a brand book developed as a reference point for all staff. The brand proposition was rolled out across a range of collateral, from press ads and digital display, to an online content hub and social media content.

Neto Branding Booklet

Additionally, Neto required a complete overhaul of the UX and UI on their website. New website designs were conceptualised, using our newly developed set of audience personas, our strategy framework and brand language.

Founded on designs that put user experience at the fore and leveraged our audience personas, a UX/UI journey was developed to identify and promote key areas of the site including “ways to sell”, “manage” and “expand” pages. The result was a clean and device responsive site, that simplified the audience journey by utilising video and live walkthroughs to assist users to understand and eventually adopt Neto’s intelligent online business model. JSA’s UX/UI experience combined with the ‘Dream Makers’ brand proposition helped Neto define themselves as the premier e-commerce platform in Australia.

Neto Website Screens

The outcome

Telstra and Neto were extremely happy with the results. Adoption of the new proposition within Neto was incredibly quick, and it rapidly began shaping the way sales interacted with clients and the way training bootcamps were delivered.

Print, online display and social media advertising utilising the new creative territory were deployed to market, achieving positive results quickly. Additionally, web traffic and conversions rose quickly.

Neto Website Example 1
Neto Website Example 2