The challenge

Brisbane City Council approached JSAcreative to help address the challenge of educating Brisbane residents of the obstacles that must be faced when planning the development of Brisbane’s inner city to accommodate the approximately 1,300 people coming in each week.

Going beyond simply telling residents about these challenges, Brisbane City Council wanted them to experience the pros and cons of planning for residential growth first hand, and moreover, have the opportunity to voice their opinion and be a part of a community wide conversation about the development of the inner city.

To ensure city-wide participation for ‘Plan Your Brisbane’, we developed an integrated campaign that sought to drive traffic and build awareness for the unique opportunity to have your say about the planning of Brisbane’s future.

Plan Your Brisbane Adshel Designs by JSAcreative

Our solution

We chose to approach these challenges via a gamification experience that allowed residents to plan their own Brisbane, realising the trade-offs and impacts their actions make in the process.

Working in close collaboration with Brisbane City Council, JSAcreative developed initial design concepts that would form the foundation of the game. What was originally planned as an isometric, Tetris style game rapidly evolved, taking on a line art style that lends itself to a ‘blueprint’ of Brisbane, with bespoke illustrations designed in-house.

From a UX and UI perspective, the existing properties on the map all appear in blue when the game begins, with any properties added by the user appearing in full colour, drawing immediate attention to the changes that they make.

Beyond building their own Brisbane, users have the ability to share their results and build greater awareness for the game via social media. Furthermore, a dedicated link at the bottom of the game map provides users with the ability to ‘have their say’ about the planning of Brisbane, with feedback being sent through to Brisbane City Council.

The overarching design, from the colour palette to the line art, was chosen to align with the graphic language that JSA has been creating for the last two years on behalf of Brisbane City Council, stemming back to Brisbane City Council’s 2016 EKKA display

Developing the game, the mechanics see users trying to house 1000 residents, adding high density, medium density and low density dwellings to a reactive map. The results of their actions are measured via a score of residents housed alongside gauges displaying impacts to lifestyle, travel time, greenspace and affordability.

Integral to ensuring audience participation, JSA delivered on community engagement as well, with awareness being generated via a 30 second cinema advertisement and two individual 15 second social videos that mirrored the visual language we created for the game. In addition to the cinema and social media spots, a city-wide campaign comprising of display media, TVC, press, outdoor and adshels was delivered, all utilising the same visual language to drive awareness and recall.

The outcome

The campaign and game launched in late February 2018. The game received strong engagement driven via the creative campaign, with positive sentiment being expressed on social media and via a number of news sources. The momentum that both the game and campaign have experienced in market has also flowed across to a number of dedicated plan your Brisbane events, with these expected to see strong participation as well. The feedback gained from residents has been acknowledged by Brisbane City Council who have used this as a foundation for their ‘8 Guiding Principles’, which JSA have again been engaged to drive awareness for.

Results that make an impact


Residents had their say

1 in 5

Brisbane households played the game


Ideas generated

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