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The challenge had a great offer that they wanted to introduce to the public: a low interest home loan with a 0% interest debit card targeted at owner occupiers looking to either purchase or refinance.

While being highly attractive, it was a complex product that could be confusing to explain. That’s where we came on board, to help develop the product, strategically position it, frame how we talk about it and then lunch it via an integrated campaign during the Spring ‘18 period.

Zip Home Loans Adshel example

Our solution

We developed a creative strategy and product that helped the interest-free offer stand out by focusing not only on the product, but on the lifestyle benefits – a life of financial control, free of interest charges.

Enter “The Zip Home Loan”.

These lifestyle benefits were demonstrated clearly in the campaign creative by framing the key part of the hero image so that it featured on the front of the Visa Debit Card, highlighting benefits such as time spent with family or escaping to a beach holiday. This life of financial control was backed up by the bold statement “Never pay interest on purchases again. Ever.”

Zip home loans examples of creative for bags, adshels, display, mobile and outdoor

The campaign was rolled out across outdoor and adshels to drive brand awareness and was deployed online via a display media campaign to motivate traffic to get the Zip Home Loan and reap the rewards.

example of JSA's work as a branding agency - zip home loans debit cards

Finally, the “never pay interest on purchases again” narrative was woven into a dedicated mobile responsive landing page, strategically crafted to take the customer on a journey outlining the key benefits of the Zip Home Loan and Debit Card.

Zip Home loans website on tablet and mobile

The outcome

Following the launch of the campaign, have reported that the Zip Home Loan has become their most popular product and is expected to continue building momentum into the future.

The campaign is still in market, with CTR for display advertising tracking at an above average 2.7%. Loan’s has also recorded some nice halo benefits of the product with a solid upward shift in brand recognition and perception as a premium home loan brand.

Results that make you stand out for all the right reasons

2.7% CTR

Above average effectiveness and engagement

Job Done!

The Zip Home Loan has become their most popular loan product

Halo Effect

Brand recognition and recall is up

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